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Life isn’t always easy to navigate. Especially in the times that we are in now.

At times it may feel that it’s all too much and we wonder how we got here. Taking time to understand ourselves and work out why helps us move forward – uncluttered, unstuck and unhindered.

Joie Life provides psychological services for people experiencing mental distress and overwhelm. “Joie” (pronounced jh-wa) is French for joy and it is our mission to help you feel more of this in your life.

Using a range of therapeutical techniques, Joie Life empowers you to live a life of joy by working through what is holding you back. In making a decision to commit to yourself, you will begin to live a life that fulfils you each day.

Why Joie Life?


Each session is tailored to you

and what you want to resolve



Using proven psychological

techniques that work


Warm, down-to-earth,

ethical practice

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